Fibrous Gypsum Plaster

The material of choice .........

All our decorative plaster mouldings are manufactured using traditional methods with 100% fibrous gypsum plaster in the traditional way. We do not supply mouldings manufactured in other less authentic materials such as plastic, polystyrene or composite resin, which we believe may have long term disadvantages not usually made clear by suppliers of copy products manufactured using materials other than gypsum. We believe the use of materials other than gypsum plaster to manufacture these products could lead to additional fire risks, pose problems of fixing, aging, decoration, discoloration and adhesion to the ceiling and wall plaster with the passage of time.

We fully recommend that you stick with gypsum. It is infinitely repairable, will last almost indefinitely and has a crispness of finish not seen in other materials.

We recommend the use of our powdered adhesive with all our decorative plaster moulding products as it is the same basic material. This means that over time it will age with the fibrous gysum plaster. It can also be used as a plaster wash to cover fine cracks, conceal joins and fill in where walls are slightly uneven.

Just mix with water to the required consistency, only making up enough for one application. Dampen the plaster surface that the adhesive is to be applied to before application.

For further information on fixing decorative plaster mouldings, please see our 'fixing instructions'.

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